Friday, May 20, 2011

Because Dylan and Brenda can SO pack it up

So this was a post intended for like days ago, but life has just circled (and smothered) any time there was to finish. We are a week out from the home hell repair and I *wish* I could say I had gotten so much done on packing, cleaning, all the fun stuff still to do since Sunday's uber productivity but I haven't. If you find my productivity mojo, please return.

I hope the weekend brings some good tidings to report of where a substantial part of the week went. Really and truly I need to be reminded that it's all worth it. Return thoughts of the upcoming FL trip to their upright position every time I'm feeling stressed.

If EVER I wished to have family close to just take these kids for a few hours and let me get something done it is now. There simply are so many hours in a day to cram the extra insanity on top of the already insane going down in this house.

Enough with my personal whine. Let's see some before and after pictures!!!

So just to recap the great reveal of what farming out the contract work brought.

First up, gone is my late 1990's wallpaper and border.From my lovely and very cluttered with kids stuff/art kitchen. Anyone want the Lenox china spice set seen in the background I traded the surplus of 28 dinner plates in my Christmas china to buy in 1996. Really no takers. Guess what, I never even put real spices in there anyway.

Without the kitsch we are now sportin' a streamlined non cluttered kitchen. Note the Diaper Genie and Pack and Play will be put up before showings or I may just early potty train Ian. Right We also banished all toys downstairs to Ben's room as NOT to look like a Babies/Toys R US exploded.

I bought big portfolios to keep special items each boy. We are drowning in papers that don't need to be packed to move. I for see some midnight trash removal as not to upset Ben that we didn't keep everything.

Our dining room was a lovely red/burgundy that was nice, about 10 years ago when it was trendy, back with 90210 was heading into the geriatric years and Donna Martin still was a virgin.

The room was always really dark, esp in pictures. I like how much lighter everything seems.
I didn't take pictures of the floor repairs, Ben's room, or the porch re screening but they too look refurbished. I also didn't take pictures of the master bath before but due to the layout of the master bedroom into bath, we wanted to try to separate the rooms more. We took down the large mirror and replaced with smaller picture ones. In addition we swapped out fixtures. Both look more updated. I still have to repaint the bathroom which will also help. Nor did I take pics of the deck and porch which as of today are only 1/2 finished with plans somehow to finish this weekend.

It feels like we really didn't change that much, since we left the upstairs alone. Still, everything looks fresh, cleaned, less cluttered.

Well worth it and kinda sad I most likely won't get to enjoy nearly as long as I did Carol Walsh's kitchen set.


LauraC said...

It looks awesome!!!

I am working right now.
And running a half marathon on Sunday with Irene. Not sure how that happened.

Beth said...

What a difference in the kitchen! I actually liked your red dining room. :-) But it does look brighter now. I actually liked having the house on the market because we kept it the way I wish we had kept it all the time! LOL. Good luck with everything!

Ms Mae said...

We JUST painted out kitchen/dining/laundry Tuesday and did basically the same thing. It WAS a burnt orange and is now about the same neutral tan yours it. I agree it makes it look much larger and warmer.

Good luck getting it all done and then enjoying your vacation! You will have deserved it.

Gillian said...

Heather, it looks great I think the master bath looks fantastic. We were BTDT with the red dining room and also loved our new interior right before we were selling in StL. Fingers crossed that the right buyers come along to love your home!