Monday, May 23, 2011

May. June. Insane in the Brain. Period.

No, not a self portrait. Yet. This will likely be my only post this week and maybe next. It's hell week at school wrapping up the first of 3 deadlines to get my 60 kido to the finish line either Friday, Tuesday or the final, final, final deadline of next Wednesday. Don't ask but it's the mother of multiple chances.

SO why no post other than work...because I signed a contact on a new house on Friday. to close on June 30th and have to have everything inspections done by June 10th.

did I mention that I will be gone from June 1-8th driving to Florida?

The super.awesome.fantastic.bursting at the seams happiness news is that this is our dream house. More to come later including pics once I feel I won't jinx myself by publicly publishing.

Know that when I questioned on Friday if all this stress was worth it.


A million times YES.

A wink and a nod from the Universe YES.

2011, the year of YES.

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Katrina said...

Oh WOW! Congrats on finding your dream home! I think this is a #1 on almost everyone's "life wishlist" - I know it's on mine :)

I agree about the weekend - it always goes wayyyyy too fast!