Thursday, June 5, 2014

Penis plant

I've been getting my porch summer ready over the last weeks.  There is almost nothing I like to do more than sit on either of my porches with a book and drink in hand.  You will find me there most nights after I have put the boys in bed.

Each year I give myself a budget for plants taking advantage of some frequent buyer clubs and knowledge of a garden supply that does mark downs every Monday.  I also usually pick a color pallet to work from, this year I'm doing pinks/purple/silver in the planters and yellow lantana as hanging baskets.  I love putting together plants of different textures and shapes.  I often take pictures of planters that are pre-made that cost 50-75% more and make myself.  

Yesterday I finished up planting ahead of hosting bookclub at my house later tonight.  I still have a hosta and daylilly bed I want to put in this summer when I have more time.  Ben took his first steps while with me at a place that is dig out your own plants about an hour south of Cary.  Something tells me good karma wants me to return next week when I head down to select some plants.  

Last night we were playing outside after dinner when Ben came over to help me water the plants.  His comment, "why does that plant look like a purple penis?"  With every bit of seriousness he looked at me and asked about a minute later "do they make any plants that look like a butt?"

I was speechless.  Of course Ian jumped on the bandwagon and by the time we were gratefully heading in they were chanting "penis plant, butt plant" at the top of their lungs.  I should have tried harder to stop them but I was laughing as hard as they were.  It is moments like this that I know that the Universe intended me to be a boy mom.  

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Beth said...

Awesome! Now you know I'm madly in search of a plant that looks like a butt. I guess that's the 8-year-old boy in me. :-)