Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Camp Mommy Chronicles- Vol 2

There is a point usually towards the end of the summer where I look back and say, "man, that went fast. Just WHAT did we do with all those days of summer break?"

I can say this week was full, but not crazy full.  Here's the highlight reel from week 2 of Camp Mommy

Ian- 2nd week at KinderCamp at the Y,  Can I just say that I LOVE YMCA counselors.  Love them.  It was "Camping/Outdoors" themed week with a hot dog/s'mores family event today.  They made binoculars and then took a nature walk along with the usual crafts, swimming, games, daily dance party/cheers.  Ian is in love with one of the counselors who walks him in each day.  Thank you YMCA for unending patience.  You must have a mandatory Valium lick for all employees.

Ben- We managed to get a spot in the FREE!!! Science in the Summer Program that is run by Glaxo Pharmaceuticals.  I didn't know Ben was eligible to participate last summer until after all the spots had been taken.  It was tops on my list given it has a great reputation and did I mention a FREE science themed camp for 3 hours for a week?!  They made toothpaste (not tasty, but his chemical compound writing on the bag kills me), made model atoms, made crystals, learned about chemical compounds through fire and other experiments.  On the final day they had student demonstrations.  Ben presented how a lava lamp works. Give him a set of Bongos and a fake ID and I think he is ready for college.  In other fun, Ben and Bill joined our neighbors for a Durham Bulls game last night and reported back many $1 concessions eaten, and lots of 8 year old boy happiness expressed.

Mom- I had about 2 hours a day sans kids by the time I did drop offs/pick ups with boys in 9-12pm camps. I worked almost exclusively in the yard with most of my free time.  This sadly is what happens when you have a March snow that kills your hydrangeas this season :(  

 I managed to get to the gym almost every day uber early to maximize my time to get something done.  Along with the super excitedness that comes with going to the optometrist, hitting up lots of errands, and another freeze ahead session, it was a productive week.  I did make it out with earrings on for a girl's night and also to host summer bunco.

On the Big Summer Fun list we tried our the toy zipline during the week with success.  We ran two lines from our deck into the yard at a steep angle.  First the boys did load up stuffed animals, small cars, Legos, and balloons and raced them.  An hour into the activity they had resorted to dropping the umbrellas off the deck with animals attached to the handles.  It was an experiment in gravity, and also how long it takes to break a $5 umbrella from Dollar Tree.  Speaking of "the money tree store as Ian calls it"  We stocked up on total crap to make our cheap crafty ideas over the next weeks of Camp Mommy.  On the menu in case you missed my earlier Big Summer Fun List?

Freezer Chalk
Marble Racing
Water Balloon Pinatas
Painting with flyswatters/spray bottles/sponges
Recycling wind chimes

We are leaving early in the morning for an overnight trip to Charlotte to my high school friend's lake home. This will be the third summer we have met up with our families for a day on the water in their boat and dockside with all things kid friendly.  My friend messaged me that she had rented sea kayaks, paddle boards and a water trampoline for the kids. Uh.. hello.. does she not know me well enough to know that I am going to be on that trampoline faster than the kids.

Happy weekend-

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