Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014 Wrap Up

What a crazy busy month from end of school to transition to Camp Mommy.

What went down?

- Finished two books and NEED to finish 3 more before Sunday flight to Spokane.  I hope there isn't a pop quiz on day 1! Let's hope I can skim read on the plane and on the first night before class!
- End of 2nd grade, Preschool Age 3-4, and year 14 of teaching
- Went to Duke Lemur Center and the summer food truck rodeo in Durham for Father's Day
- Lake weekend with high school girlfriends and their families
- Went to the Zootastic Park (north of Charlotte)
- Finalized plans for Ian's "big boy bedroom"
- Ben attended BMX camp, Science in the Summer, and Town of Cary Nature Camp at Hemlock Buffs Nature Preserve
- Ian went to YMCA Kidercamp and Cricket Club
- Hosted two separate book clubs and Bunco, so I could use my porch.
- Beach weekend to see the Hunter Family
- Ben's 8th birthday party at Dave and Busters
- Have watched an insane amount of soccer with the boys. Gooooal!!  Luckily we are now adding American Ninja Warrior and Summer Wipeout to the rotation.
- Camp Mommy in full swing with a super cool water board almost finished and more daily fun arriving later this week with a field trip to a NEW place!

Favorite Pic of the month- From the day we arrived to see the Hunter family, we decided after dinner to take a short walk on the beach.  We had been there less than five minutes when one of Laura's twin 4 year old boys stripped down to his underwear an ran into the ocean. Ian decided to do the same but tried to one up him by going naked. Luckily I talked him into staying in his underwear.  Seven year old Eli and eight year old Ben looked like castaways on Survior, covered in muddy sand showing us their muscles.

It was exactly the way to kick off summer.


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