Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Come As You Are

Over the weekend I met up with my four best high school girlfriends for a lakehouse weekend.  Melissa and her husband Todd live on Lake Norman, just north of Charlotte and have hosted us the last few years.

I had high hopes of a great day on the lake, and even though a little overcast, it was not humid or a gazillion degrees.  Happily, I didn't wipe out on the lake when pulled on the raft behind.

This is the 4th year we have been meeting up and my only regret was that we didn't get a shot of all the kids before they were gunning to get out on the lake.  I can't blame them, I mean in addition to the lake and a boat, Melissa had rented a water trampoline, sea kayak, and paddle board. Everyone under the age of 10 rushed through lunch to get out on the water.

Ben loved the paddle board!

Can we say how many times did the kids jump off?  

When Melissa told us what she had rented my first comment was to ask, "did she really want us to visit the finest emergency room facilities serving Lake Norman?"  Ian actually did really well for most of the day listening and not being near water without his life jacket.  He was enamoured with a giant monster truck bouncy going up nearby for a birthday party.

Nothing says summer like giant watermelon slices as big as your head.

I especially love this shot of Laura's older daughter Lydia.  One of the best things about seeing my friend's families is how much their girls look like how I remember them from being elementary aged. .

Some of my favorite picutres that later make the "calendar cut" come from this weekend.  This trip did not disappoint.  A little GQ, but that is a favorite smile on Ben.

I've said this before, but we have known each other literally our entire lives.  Our moms were pregnant at the same time, remained family friends throughout our lives, we all attended the same schools and church.  One of the things I love is that we can just pick up our relationship where we left off.  We spent the day catching up, talking about our kids, their parents, what everyone was doing over the summer and fall.  If there is a theme song with these ladies, it would be "come as you are," as you are accepted for who you are and who you've always been.

Thank you Melissa, Laura, and Jamie for sharing the last 40 years of friendship, I love you ladies!

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