Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cover Boy

Ben and I were going through the Town of Cary Summer bulletin of art classes and camps to select some items over the weekend.  My summer schedule/trips are almost completely booked as is childcare, but we had a couple of holes now to be filled.  Namely trying out the Cary SK8 park for a week of BMX biking when they offer an open house in May to try a lesson for free.

How did we miss this picture the FIRST time we went through the bulletin back in February?

From "design your own wacky putt putt course art class" last summer, front and center.  From what I remember Ben "offered" to take home the communal putt putt course they all built, taking up so much room in my car we had to roll all the windows down to make it fit.  The course somehow "disappeared" just before we left for Florida as it was falling apart.  We did keep the golf club that is typically used as an instrument of death as part of our weapons collection.

Speaking of cover stories, one of my students in AP Gov't is the president of one of our service clubs at school.  He approached our History department last month to invite us to participate in a lunchtime speaker that served as a special prosecutor during the Watergate investigation.  He is now a local attorney, but helped uncover Nixon's illegal White House Office taping system back in the 1970s. Yesterday he came to speak and afterwards our department (ahem...organized by good ol' Southern me,) hosted him for lunch.  I was in all kinds of history nerd heaven listening to his work on the famous investigation.

It just happens that Woodward and Bernstein of "All the President's Men" fame are speaking next month as part of the 40th anniversary of the Nixon resignation.  Yes, in case you had a bet going,
I bought tickets with another history minded friend who just about wet herself when I told her they were going to be in town.

Ben may have the market covered as a smiling advertisements for local summer camps. But, I got to hold a copy of the Washington Post, dated August 9th, 1974 announcing historic news.

It was AWESOME in the highest levels of dorkery.


Beth said...

You KNOW I love this! We interviewed Rufus Edmisten, the deputy chief counsel for the Senate Watergate Committee. He worked for Ervin and personally delivered the subpoena for the tapes to the White House. He's from Boone and has a fabulous accent. Lives in Raleigh now. Awesome stuff!

And of course, LOVE that Ben in the summer catalog. Too funny!

Gillian said...

Very cool, Heather! Love the picture of Ben - I remember seeing you guys leave the arts center with that creation.