Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Part 1- Mom

Bill left Friday after school with Ben for a two night camp out with Y Guides for their annual Spring Outing.  I worked late Friday, only to drive into torrential rain for the commute home and to pick up Ian.  Saturday I was at NC State for a chunk of the day grading Master degree portfolios for NC teacher licensure.  Before you say, how can I spend a large part of my Saturday in such a fun way, money was involved.

Saturday afternoon Ian and I took the dog for a long walk, checked out the geese nests near the lake, fed the ducks and then went to get ice cream.  Seriously, this kid is all you need to hock ice cream.  He wanted some creation that only a 4 year old would want that was bright blue and red and proceeded to tell everyone within earshot that he had the best ice cream, better than theirs, not understanding that no sane adult would ever eat something that color.

We snuggled on the couch watching tv before taking a "special bath" aka, one in the whirpool tub.  I stayed up waaay to late attempting to get the copy paper box of grading down to a reasonable amount to bring back tomorrow while getting caught up on the last season of Mad Men.

Sunday we did early church, super double coupons at the grocery, and then headed over to Chapel Hill to Touch a Truck.  This is the 4th year we have gone and the first without Ben.  It was again a child paradise of loud horns and flashing lights.  But, this year there was a new entry.  A totally sleazy guy who was hitting on all the ladies, including those with their spouses in front of his personal Maserati.

As we walked over to the car I noticed he had something in the front seat.   In the annals of "let's not understand what we signed up to participate in doing involving children", this guy had a mannequin in the front passenger side, holding a glass of wine with a lingerie bag in her lap.  It beyond weirdly inappropriate for a kids event, or even ANY event involving car safety.  While we were standing nearby in line I saw one of the organizers walk over and the guy quickly high tailed it out of there with the mannequin still in the front seat.  I had hoped for a picture, but sadly no by the time he had driven off into the sunset.

I give you this picture of sheer joy instead.

*I love this hat embroidered with zoo animals, once a favorite of Ben, now living a second life with Ian.

After three hours in the sun, Ian was beat and slept all the way home.  Bill and Ben arrived shortly after and reported a really fun weekend on the coast camping and doing all boy stuff including not bathing for three days.  More tomorrow.

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LauraC said...

I think you need to put together a whole book of Ian and ice cream photos for his high school graduation. Ian Vinson and ice cream: a love affair. I LOVE IT!!