Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Ian!

My sweet Ian, today you are four.  During your last year around the sun you have come into your own personality.  You are stubborn, defiant, and all too willing to throw a fit of epic proportion.  Ten minutes later you are full of love and kisses.  In the past year you have continued to show a love for all things that roll, whether that be cars or trucks, balls, even yourself down a grassy hill.  You would rather be outside for any and all reasons.

When someone looks at you and gasps at whatever daredevil thing you are doing, I usually tell the eight stitches in a week story of last Mother's Day.  I also usually nod towards your brother nearby and say, "two boys are a good weight loss plan."

Yesterday under a beautiful, Carolina blue sky we celebrated with your school friends and our neighbors who are becoming a second family given how much time we spend with them playing outside.  Watching you walking hand in hand with your friends, giving each a good bye hug was sweetness only seen for a few short years of boyhood.

I wanted you to pick Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as a party theme, knowing that you have watched all episodes of this second generation fare Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  I have personally watched, "Daniel Gets a Shot" about a million times with you.  I hope for more years to snuggle with you with growing arms and legs all around.

You settled on Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme. We celebrated at a family favorite, Durham Science and Life Museum.  We rented out an afternoon train ride for your friends' squealing delight as we looped through the tunnel.  Once again, our friend Eileen delivered some yummy cupcakes that we enjoyed along with a pizza and fruit lunch.  What a fun day as we hit the pinata, played preschool games, and talked about which animal pooped the most as we toured the barn.

This past year we took trips to Disney, Atlanta and Florida to see grandmommy Pam, several trips to see Uncle Brian, and many Camp Mommy field trips.  A new favorite was the NC Museum of Transportation where we spent a crazy hot, August day climbing all over things that move.


This year has not been without many exasperated days.  For all the ways Ben seemed to be much calmer, more centered and the voice of reason in the past year, you have taken his place in the land of crazy and loud.  Many days in your attempt to do everything that Ben does, the reality that you are still four years younger is evident.  Your now infamous sobbing at Uncle Jamie's wedding in November when you lost the quarter you suppose to be standing on is now forgotten all but for the pictures of that day.

Last year at your birthday letter I wrote, "at our much anticipated IVF transfer I promised I would see you again in nine months. I had hopes you would complete our family.  I wished that you would grow into a loving, sweet child.  Ever day you prove that that dream reality." Another year later and I feel the same.  I will always see your birthday as an answered prayer.  Ian, you are a gift of love and light.

My beautiful, blue-eyed boy with burgeoning freckles like your brother, I wish for so many things for you in the coming year.  Most of all I hope your laugh and sweet, often mischievous, smile will carry you through life knowing that you are loved.



Gillian said...

Very sweet! Happy birthday, Ian! He is getting so big!

Carrie said...

Cute cupcakes :) Happy birthday, Ian!

LauraC said...

Happy happy birthday Ian! I can't believe it's already been four years!