Thursday, April 17, 2014

*Pants optional

Yesterday Ian had his 4 year check up at the pediatrician. The crazy thing was I had to get the robocall reminding me to schedule since we had not darkened the door since flu season for any reason.  Knock on wood that after two rounds of stitches, 2013 was uneventful for Ian.

Since I waited so late to schedule, our usual ped was not available so we met with a different practitioner. Knowing that we were going to do kindergarten shots, I prepared by making sure we had watched "Daniel Gets a Shot" to prep including wearing our superhero cape to make us brave.  We curled up with our Daniel Tiger figure and when they get to the song, "when you are scared, think about something that makes you smile,"  talked about what makes us smile. The song refrain talks about puppies, riding on a sled, jumping in leaves.

What is Ian's comment?

"It makes me happy thinking about hitting Ben in the stomach and making him fall down"

"WHHAT?  Do you want to rethink that answer. "Nope."

We tried coming up with some alternates, but he stuck to his story and told the doctor when it was time for the shots.

I wasn't too surprised at his nonchalant look, given that the doctor had already seen us in the hall going to the bathroom AFTER Ian had gotten undressed. I was temped to put his clothes back on, but come on, the bathroom was like one door down.  He did put on the cape over his underwear, so we got a pass.

Really and truly, only when you are 4 can you get away with wearing a cape and underwear as clothing.

Ian was right on target with stats as follows:

Weight:  37 lbs
Height:  40 inches

As the doctor said on more than one occasion, he's all boy including the desire to go without pants.


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Gillian said...

Ok... That is the funniest "makes me happy" comment I have ever heard.