Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Part 2- Dad

Bill and Ben left Friday afternoon for Y Guides spring outing at Camp Seagull on the NC coast.  This is the end of the second year they have participated in Y Guides. The program is similar to the Boy Scout program in organization and focuses on relationships and service..  One of the great things about joining the soccer team is that one of the Y Guide families also plays.  This weekend the soccer coach has planned a kids vs. parents scrimmage with a pizza dinner afterwards.  It has been nice getting to meet some other families through Ben's activities.

Bill texted me that they had gorgeous weather all weekend, perfect to enjoy a Wild West themed event. Ben's group has a pirate theme and this year their group task was to build individual totem poles.  Seen here is the tribe called "Skull and Crossbones" with their poles.  Ben's sported red eyes made of Christmas lights.

Between working on patches, they engaged in some favorite activities including Bb shooting, ziplining, fishing, scavenger hunt, and lassoing. Last year at the final night event, many of the kids were scared by the tall tales that was part of a big bonfire.  This year, all the dads opted to heard back, build a big fire and roasted marshmallows.  Bill whipped out his portable speaker and kid playlist for an impromptu dance party (the kids, not Bill.)

When they returned Sunday afternoon announcing that they had not showered since Friday and everything they owned smelling of a campfire.  Both Bill and Ben gave me a blow by blow of what they had done with the rifle range as his favorite.

I have been impressed with Y Guides programming.  I'm even more impressed in how Bill has really liked the friendship with the other dads.  Did Ben need an invitation to run wild with other 2nd grade boys?  Nope.

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