Monday, January 6, 2014


At some point I need to post some 2014 goals. Heck, I need to finish up some 2013 posts like favorite books given I picked up SIX new books over the weekend to start in the new year.  If 2013 had a theme, it was, "I had good intentions to post, then life happened."

This weekend was a nice split of time with the kids and away from from 3.75 year old incessant ugliness that is Ian Vinson. Bill and I traded off time much needed time minus kids.

Friday afternoon, Ben got in the car and told me he had a big surprise.  His hanging on by a thread front tooth had finally come out at lunch. Ben was concerned that the tooth fairy would not be able to see in his mouth so he left her a note that said,

"Dear Tooth Fery (his spelling), 

I have lost a tooth.  In case you cannot find my tooth, it is on my desk  Look for the word, "tooth".

He included a picture showing the location of his lost tooth as well as the other front tooth that is loose and now looks like a fang. I question in what universe does the tooth fairy look inside your mouth to make sure you are legit, and not running some small-time money making operation.  Alas the thinking of your average seven year old.

I love that we are using the same pillow created by my maternal grandmother used by both Brian and myself complete with stains (how?) and her sewing handiwork.

Saturday I met my AP Gov't students for an optional work day at NC State's undergrad library for a morning of how to use a college library as brought to you by me and my student teacher.  I made it worth extra credit points on an upcoming public policy research paper to come and find academic journals.

As my Seniors are about to graduate I feel this is a really important skill I can expose them to as they transition from high school to college.  In the age of Google searches and Wikipedia as the go-to as what "research" constitutes as just being exposed to how to navigate the vast amount of resources available is worth time invested.

I appreciate my students getting up on a Saturday morning as well as my student teacher who organized the session and reserved a conference room for us to use as a homebase.  *Note that as we were making our way through the library we stopped at a card catalog.  At least 1/2 of my 17/18 year old Seniors had never seen one and I stated that before there was an Internet this is how you did research.  They were incredulous at such a method.  I felt about a million years old.

Later in the day I met up with a couple of friends at one of my favorite places, Chapel Hill's foodie heaven A Southern Season, for lunch and some post holiday sale shopping.  When I die, you can leave my body in front of the cheese case or next to a picture of the Cooking School manager, Marilyn Markel, whom I have severe hair envy. Seriously, I have a picture of her hair I stealthily took while at a cooking class a couple of years ago. I was going to post it but given it is of an innocent bystander, I won't.  I did Google her, and her hair looks just as lovely.

Saturday night I did time with the boys and bedtime, and I finished 1/2 of my 1st book of 2014.

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