Thursday, January 2, 2014

Because karma comes with a tail

Just in case you missed it, but I love cheese.  As in I eat some type of cheese at nearly every meal. A cheese stick is my go-to snack, meal in the car, keep the kids quiet food item.  So it would be karma that we rang in the new year by catching a mouse in our kitchen just before midnight.

I gotta admit it was tiny baby mouse of many Christmas book lore.  It was kinda cute, so much that I took this crappy iPhone picture just before it was taken outside and released it into the wild aka...our backyard.

The words "If I were single, I would so keep that mouse as a pet," was uttered by someone in our house. *Hint- it wasn't me as I have already squashed that same person's dreams of building a multi-rabbit hutch in our backyard. Somehow, "multi-rabbit hutch" doesn't garner the same home resale value as "granite counter tops."

The rest of or New Years Eve was crazy (non) eventful. We grilled out and played new board games with the boys.  I love, love, love that Ben loves board games as much as I do.  So much that he and I played our new version of Settlers of Catan for kids again last night.  We melted chocolate and ran our own ghetto Melting Pot before getting the boys to bed a little later than normal.  I watched not Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve but rather a documentary on our illegal HBO before we loose it later this month.  I mean people, I can celebrate. Right?

This would be how I found the boys to ring in the new year:

One that refuses to sleep in a bed-

The other that has so many stuffed animals, books, a barricade against sharks in his bed I almost didn't notice he wore his NYE hat to bed.

As I head back to work, I spent the vacation doing what I really wanted and needed to do. I spent the bulk of the time being a homebody sleeping, reading, exercising at the gym or at least walking the dog an extended time. I watched more TV since Dec 20th since I have in the last 3 months. I saw a movie in a real theater, did some freezer cooking to replenish what has been eaten this fall.  I cleaned out 2 closets, worked on cleaning out our attic, and arranged for 3 different people to pick up loads off of FreeCycle yesterday alone.

I did such exciting things as cleaned the fridge top to bottom and reorganized with shelving for holiday storage. I spent oodles of time with the boys and our whole family is returning to work/school shed of the nasty cold we had most of last two weeks. What I didn't outside of maybe 5 hours max over the last week and a half was work on school related stuff. It was glorious. In the next days there will be resolutions a plenty.  For now, I'm happy that the most drama has involved baiting a mouse with cheese.

Cheese that I can assure you was part of the great variety currently in my now very clean fridge.

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Ms Mae said...

What a fun NYE. My oldest bed looks like your youngest. Its hard to find her sometimes under all the rubble.

If you'd like to join another 500 mile challenge group I set one up on facebook. We'd love to have you and it's always good to have a goal :)