Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bookin' It- The 2013 Wrap up

Yes I know that it is the 14th of January, but I have spent most of the last week in a fending off a cold and in a grading quagmire of reading research papers.  Over the weekend I finished the first of my plan for 50 books in 2014.  I wanted to start the year off with a book that reminds me how much I love reading as part of my daily life.

I fully give Wonder *****.  If I could give it six, I would.  I hope to share this book with each of my boys as a story of "when choosing to be right or be kind, choose kind".  I took a chance and picked it for my old neighborhood book club for my month to host. I hope they will actually read it as I have the reputation for the "worst book of the year" award.

Last night I started on A Constellation of Vital Phenomena as part of the six books I picked up over the weekend at the library.  While I doubt I will get through all six before they are due, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing the New York Times Top 100 books of 2013 for ideas for what to add to my Goodreads account.  I have a 2014 goal of trying to update my account more frequently as frankly it becomes a once a month recount of books read. I also have have a goal of finishing the dense 928 page The Bully Pulpit by year end.  As I own my copy, complete with a personal inscription from Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, I can read at my leisure.

I wrote back in July of my mid year progress. I ended the year with 49 books, surpassing my original Goodreads challenge of 30 books by August.

My top 10 books of the year (all 5 star books)

And the Mountains Echoed
Where'd You Go Bernadette
We Live in Water
The Nobodies Album
The Dovekeepers
Tiny Beautiful Things
Beautiful Ruins
Five Days at Memorial- Non fiction
Half the Sky- Non fiction

Honorable Mentions for notable 4 star books

Lean In- Non fiction
Behind the Beautiful Forevers
The Financial Lives of Poets
Mary Coin

I ended the year with at least 70% of my 2013 reads at 3 stars and above.  I would like to note that I would like my time back for reading Reconstructing Amelia, Serena, Looking for Alaska, A Land More Kind Than Home and After Visiting Friends. If they are on your to read list, reconsider.

Happy reading in 2014.


Beth said...

Many of your top 10 are also my top 10 for 2013. Nightfilm, And the Mountains Echoed, Where'd You Go Bernadette, We Live in Water, Tiny Beautiful Things, and Beautiful Ruins. Hands-down awesome.

I just read Blood Makes Noise--really interesting, quick read. You may enjoy the historical pieces of it. I made my 2014 goal 36 books, but I will be giddy if I end up reading 50! Uber impressive, knowing how tightly packed your schedule is. Here's to some more great reading in 2014. And yes--Wonder! Can't wait to read it with the boys. I also recommend The One and Only Ivan, to read with Ben now. William and I took turns reading it out loud and it was awesome. Lots of good conversation starters and reflecting on how words can convey meanings.

Carrie said...

I will need to add some of your books to my Goodreads list. I have 'Where'd You Go Bernadette' on my list already and it seems everyone is giving it an excellent review.