Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We interrupt this normally scheduled week.....

To play in the SNOW!!!!!

After waiting with faces pressed to the windows yesterday after school was called without even a flake on the ground, finally justice around 8 pm.  Light snow fell all night leaving us with around 2-3 inches. Ben and Ian were crushed when at bedtime a little snow was in the air, but none appreciable on the ground.

Can you imagine the decibel level when they realized that not only was school cancelled, but that there was enough to sled for most of the the morning.  Our neighbors, being old school folk from real snow lovin' states built a snow ramp at the end of their driveway leading to many, "no really, let's not make going to the emergency room with a kid with a busted arm" moments.  Luckily we set some ground rules about going down and the boys had a blast.

Later we made snow cream, had a taco bar, and played Cattan Jr.  As school is closed again tomorrow, and cabin fever is starting to set in a bit for mom, we are planning on getting out of the house. Not early though, with a low tonight in the single digits, our warm beds will be enjoyed for longer than usual.

For the record, I am a true Southerner.  I love watching the snow fall, from the inside.  I personally don't love being in the freezing cold trying not to bust my butt but did so for hours on end yesterday to make sure the kids were supervised and enjoyed the rarity of snow.  Of all the pictures we took, this was my favorite, all the V boys (including the biggest one) shoveling the sidewalk and driveway while I sat inside, reading by the fire.

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