Sunday, January 26, 2014


Friday night Bill and I took advantage of one of our favorite places to eat minus kid meals.  They were hosting a special tasting menu that was featured during Triangle Restaurant week.  With two birthdays and Valentine's Day in the first two months of the year, we opted to knock out celebrating all three with one nice meal.   Since we had driven separately, I picked up the kids from the drop off child care and had them bathed and in bed by the time Bill got home.  Most Friday nights I am comatose by 9 pm, asleep on the couch.  This weekend, I stayed up all the way until 9:30 finishing up a book.

The rockin' lives of the middle aged.

 Saturday I carved out time to head to kickboxing.  I am proud that for all but one Saturday in January, my butt had been kickin' it old school for for new year's resolution time.  I took the boys to See Spot Read at our local library after lunch.  The Wake Country library has a rotation of therapy dogs that visit branches for children to practice reading.  As we were picking up our weekly books, Ben had books on the usual topics: WWII, Dolphins and Whales, Racing.  He picked a most fascinating (not really) book on the Pentagon.  Ian laid nearby narrating a book on hippos to me.  He is at a stage of wanting to read by retelling me what happens and pointing out letters and numbers that he recognizes.

The Town of Cary rescheduled their Winter Wonderland weekend due to the crazy warm temperatures a few weekends ago.  I had reserved an afternoon time for the boys to have an hour of sledding.  At first Ian was upset when his first trip down he was covered in mud and grass.  Ben was unbelievably helpful making sure Ian could make it to the top of the hill and that he was fully on his sled before taking off.  The boys convinced me to go down at some point. Sadly while there is no photos or video I can tell you I wiped out, loosing my shoes on the way down.

Later that night I met up with a friend to see the Wolf of Wall Street.  Holly Molly! While a good and very typical Martin Scorsese film, it was crazy intense from the opening credits of a full three hour film. Somewhere I read that if you took out all the F bombs it would have been nominated for live action short film instead of best picture of the year.  I can say that Leo is a long, long way from that big ass boat.

Sunday I took the boys to Marbles intending to only spend a couple of hours.  We got there when they opened hoping to beat the crowds. We wound up staying for 4 1/2 hours and hit every part of the museum. Add a couple of chocolate iced Krispy Kremes and the boys were tuckered out by the time we got home. Ben and Bill went to their monthly Y Guide meeting and Ian and I walked the dog, hit the grocery, and finished up some housework before calling it a weekend.

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