Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring break is so close, I can taste it. A post in 3 pictures

By 2:30 today spring break will start for the next week and a half.  Thank you Gods that oversee winter (or lack thereof) delays that we didn't have to make up one single day.

While I've worked my butt off prepping this US History class in the last 9 weeks, I'll let you know a little secret:  I love this material.  I've been blessed with wonderful, compliant students who I wanted to thank for literally going with the flow and my changing up on them so, so many times at a moments notice.  At present, almost 100 students have signed up to take AP Government in the fall, many of my current students included.

I busted out the 1970s wretched Barry Mantilow song "Looks like we made it" as they were coming in this morning.  I also left cupcakes on their desk.

*note that I made 110 cupcakes for a fraction of the cost of stopping for doughnuts.  

*2nd note, comment from Bill, "were you trying to subliminally influence on the current gay rights debate by giving them with the same color Sweet Tart chicks and bunnies on top?

While I still have to post grades and plan a WWI unit on the workday tomorrow, this is my IN basket.
Beautiful to behold.

My parting advice to 16-17 year olds going on Spring Break?  Be safe, come back without a cast, and please, please don't post pictures of yourself online that you wouldn't want a college admissions officer to see.

Why?  From my classroom last week.

* note that I highlighted the most important reminder.

Happy break for those off around this week and next.

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Carrie77 said...

Have a RELAXING and enjoyable Spring break, Heather! You deserve it with all the work you have been putting in to prep for that class and with the endless amounts of papers to grade. :)