Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Gumbo

Positive that went down this week:

- Ben is almost a week out on a new mediation and has been eating more.  Proof in the pudding if his weight is actually up tomorrow at weekly check in. Also he had had a good week behavior wise. Negative is he has been more emotional.

-Ian has also had a better week with no notes home about ugly behavior and/or refusing to nap. More potty progress!!!! Thank you PCA teachers!

-Ian stayed in bed most nights without us having to lock him him.  Last night he came downstairs long after I thought he was asleep in one sock, his pj top, and a diaper half off crying that he was trying to potty.  Winner of the cute but pitiful category

-We did a whole week off of freezer meals. I'm experimenting with a new two large grocery runs a month with a short 15 min runs for perishables in the in between to save money and time.  Boys + tired mom = buy too much stuff and run takes SO freakin' long.  

-I almost talked myself out of not going to bookclub last night as I needed the time to grade. Also I hadn't finished the book.  I'm glad I didn't bail as the discussion of a book, we all agreed appealed and was targeted to teenage boys, was filled with lots of great commentary by the attendees.

-I'm applying to several week long summer teacher institutes since Kenya is off the table.  1st choice is a whole week studying the evolution of financial crisis in American History at NYU.  What do you think the competition is like to really want to know the backstory behind the Panic of 1837? Fierce teacher geekdom? You bet!

-I made a total winner of a freezer, to crockpot, and leftovers back to freezer meal involving pork tenderloin and 12 hours.  Score that even the boys ate it.

-My friend is making a cake to celebrate my brother in law's new job doing customer support for Apple.  MMMMmmm I'm getting to eat Sugar Mama cake by day end.

-Mother in law, brother in law and future sister in law all here for the weekend. With nice weather on tap we are looking forward to seeing them for a short, but filled weekend.  The major even is everyone is going to the Hurricanes game Saturday night.  A quiet house after they leave minus getting Ian to bed? I totally won this round.

I hope you are ending your week on a positive note.  I'm trying to push aside negativity for being really tired for gratitude that the week is ending in a better place than it started.

Did I mention there is Sugar Mama cake involved by end of day?

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LauraC said...

I think the loaded gun conversation might top the crazy twin book with the deaf twin and the horse paintings. The image of Cathleen sliding the shot gun?

Have a great weekend! Hopefully I'll be getting some gall bladder surgery scheduled.