Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PSA- Splinter Removal

Once we were over at a family friend's home when Ben got a splinter.  My friend quickly brought Ben into her kitchen where I watched as she cut a sliver of raw potato pressed it into his hand and then taped a bandage over with the instructions to leave it on over night.

Said treatment was compliments of her country mamma's upbringing as one of 9 children. She commented that give it a chance, that a "piece of produce stuck to the skin was better than a howlin' toddler with you diggin' at his hand with something sharp."

Cue to some random weekend when I was about Ian's age when my dad made a deal with me that if I let him remove a splinter I would get a Sesame street magazine.   I don't remember actually getting the splinter out, but did remember being scared to death and my hand hurting afterwards. I remember the magazine because I threw up on it in the car shortly after getting the splinter out on an afternoon family trip into the mountains. 

When I picked up Ian at daycare Monday his teacher had commended that he on Day 1 of Potty Camp had made it until after nap dry, but had gotten a splinter on the playground and sobbed when she tried to get it out.

After bath we gathered our tools.  Ben went to get the play Dr bag and insisted he help.

Ian was more concerned with getting a Transformer band aid and was sad when I covered it up with painters tape to keep him from pulling off my masterpiece overnight. Ian was a little unsure but by morning the splinter was gone.   Seriously try this on the next splinter.  It works, for real!

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