Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to be proven 100% wrong

Players:  One long week, two kids heading into DST weekend sure to be off on sleep, One set of parents both tired and ready to collapse on a Friday night.

Add:  One mother in law + One brother in law driving up for seemed like a waste of a 12 hour drive times 2 within 3 days.

Result:  Kids were beyond surprised when after dinner our guests arrived in time to eat cake and be tucked into bed by Grandmommy and Uncle James.  Ian was beyond ecstatic and was jumping up and down screaming "Grandmommy" at the top of his lungs on the front porch.  I wish I had gotten video it was so, so sweet.

I frankly was a big ol' ball of nasty when Pam told Bill they were coming up with little input from us on when would be a good weekend.  It wasn't that I didn't want to see them, but wanted them to come on my timetable of spring break when they could stay longer.  I selfishly didn't want to be stuck grading and doing the usual weekend chores that only get done during the weekend if I want to stay afloat during the work week.

It didn't matter to the boys that basically they visited for 36 hours in which we enjoyed the beautiful weather at one of our favorite parks and then enjoyed a late brunch filled with biscuits and hushpuppies.  Pam and James took Ben to the Hurricanes Devils hockey game Saturday night. 

Sunday we headed over to Mellow Mushroom for pizza under a warm and sunny day and then said good byes.  Unlike the sobbing from both boys when we left Atlanta in December, this trip they both did well with promises we would see them over the summer and later this fall at James and Kate's wedding.  James officially asked them both to help him get married by being ring bearers.

At the end of the weekend, while I had to get some work done, it wasn't a wash out weekend of me grading and everyone else having fun. I streamlined what was a must and what could wait and enjoyed Ben and Ian's excitement over having Pam and James in town.

I was 100% wrong and owed Bill a big apology for thinking that the weekend would be anything less than what it was.  Ben and Ian only know that she loves them unconditionally without a timetable of convenience.

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