Monday, March 18, 2013


High hopes on Friday not completely a wash:

Positive- Insanely beautiful "all windows open" weather on Friday and Saturday, even part of Sunday Belated anniversary gift to see comedian Jim Gaffagin Saturday night, came home to find sitter had cleaned up the entire kitchen and emptied the dishwasher.

This week Bill is volunteering on the first of two spring field trips for Ben's class.  I went to bed crazy early Friday and Saturday expecting to be up with Ian.  He slept through the night both nights, including one night on the floor behind a chair in his room.  Much needed sleep for all concerned = life is hella better.

Not so positive- Ian is sick going on 5 days.  He has been home from school since Thursday and again today with a fever of unexplained origin.  He also has a nasty cold, as the "day care funk" had been going around his class.  Luckily no one else is sick due to vigilant hand washing and trying to limit exposure.  Bill and I are juggling who can miss how much of work.  He's on a release at work, I'm on the last 2 weeks of the quarter with a midterms to roll out as well as piles of late work graded before quarter end.  I'm taking Ian to the doctor later today in hopes of some resolution for him.  Poor guy, you know he is sick when he turns down a sand and water table or sleeps on the floor.

*From Saturday while tending to Ian and grading this stack. At least I did it on the porch with nice weather and Ian was content for much of the time brushing dirt off our fossil/rock collection.

Bill and Ben went to Monster Jam with their Y Guides group on Saturday.  Ben was happy at the pit party before the event but was sobbing at the noise within the first minutes. When asked when if wanted to leave it turned into "everyone will laugh at me" ugly meltdown.  Bill again offered to take him home but Ben compromised by watching it on TV outside the stadium sitting on the concourse floor.  Even with double ear protection I think we need to pass until he can handle it without a meltdown.

Spring Break is at the end of the month and I'm trying hard to minimize having to work over the break by hauling ass the next two weeks.  While we are not going anywhere, I would like to do some day trips with the boys since everyone will be home for the bulk of the week.  I'm hoping that Saturday's weather was a preview since it was so, so nice outside.

Hoping for Ian feeling better, Ben's continued weight gain!!!, Bill/my work-life balance dance during crunch time. Doing a big happy dance for Spring weather!


Beth said...

Oh my goodness. You have your hands full! Sending get well thoughts to Ian, stay well thoughts to you, Bill, and Ben, and warm weather vibes to round out your spring break. Hang in there!!!

LauraC said...

Suckage on the fever front. Nate had a fever in the fall that I think lasted 5 days? Woke up totally fine one day.

I will take crazy prolonged fever over last night's 5 hour vomit fest any day.