Friday, March 15, 2013

Love List March

Spring is coming!  With a 70+ degree forecast this weekend and these beauties on a recent walk with the dog, I'm so glad the cold and rainy days of winter are fewer and far between.

The Dovekeepers- I'm currently listening to this book on audio while walking the dog and commuting in the car.  I first tried reading just before I left for Kenya and but had to return. I'm glad I gave it another chance as listening on audiobook has helped with the extensive Hebrew terms and language which on the first attempt was difficult.  

McDonalds Shamrock Shake- Yes. I am actually putting this on my love list.  A few weeks ago I was picking up  happy meals for the boys and while waiting in line started thinking, "just who orders this unnatural green beverage?"

What came over me to answer, "make it a small," when the attendant asked if I wanted to try was a total moment of weakness."  Honestly she had me at the words, "limited time flavor, mint."  I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about driving through on the way home just to pick up another.  So far I've squashed the desire, but with St Patricks day this weekend, I made have to just get one more before gone.

DST- This is a love/hate relationship.  I hate having to get up again at o'dark thirty, drive to work, basically teach a chunk of 1st period in the dark.  I love the extra hour of playtime for the boys at the end of the day.  Last night the boys were playing fort with a gaggle of boys until I had to force Ben to come in for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, while to most anyone else this is just a plate of half eaten pancakes.  To me the is the proof the Ben's new medicine has been to date a good fit.  This was the most food consumed in a single sitting in months.

Love you March, good things are on the horizon starting with this weekend.


LauraC said...

I can not wait for the beautiful weather tomorrow! Much needed with Jon home.

Carrie77 said...

We get ONE day of 70 degree weather (Friday) then COLD all weekend! Brian went to get me a Shamrock shake after my 6 mi run last night (hey, gotta recover!) and they were out of the syrup to make it! BOOOO! So, he got me chocolate (second best).