Monday, January 14, 2013

Rite of Passage

Big night at Casa Vinson as Ben lost his first tooth.  He's been a little worried that he would never lose his teeth and told me the other night that one girl in his 1st grade class had lost 15 at one time.  I assured him that no one looses that many teeth.

*Exception* Hobos

Ben was excited. Mom was excited that he lost it at home and not at school only to likely be lost on the playground by an estatic Ben.

Mom was also super excited that she was able to pass on using the tooth fairy pillow made by my maternal grandmother  Mary-Hall Jobe.  She passed away in 1994 and left behind beautifully created quilts marked for her future grandchildren.  Ben and Ian would have loved her collection of children's books, board games, and her one on one time with her grandchildren called, "an apple and a conversation."

Ben wanted to make sure the tooth fairy would be able to find the pillow among the gazillion Lego creations on his dresser.  I suggested maybe we should put it outside his room, just in case.  Ben opted to also make a sign just in case she didn't see the pillow.

Only a 6 year old :)

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Carrie77 said...

LOVE the tooth fairy pillow :) I am passing my pillow on to Autumn. Its not very pretty, but its sentimental to me and she loves it all the same... not that she'll be losing any teeth soon, but she love to get it out when Nathan loses one to 'pretend'. lol.