Friday, January 4, 2013

Love List January

I'm going to start a new monthly Friday series in 2013 entitled, Love List to keep up with a handful of things that are currently making me crazy happy. 

1.  The new TriEx Expressway Final Phase is OPEN!- What's that Heather, your 75 min from school door - house door afternoon commute just got a little shorter?  Why yes, thanks to a new toll road.  Let's not even TALK out the fact that I've been ON TIME for work.  Worth every cent.

2.  Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Popcorn Crunch received as a thank you gift. Amazingly good. As in ate the whole can while commuting, good.  Will also be trying the new Sweet Potato tater tots on the next visit.  The answer to, "are you going to eat your tots, will hopefully be Hell yes, so get your own."

3.  Miss Jessie's Hairstyling Products- I am loving that I went back to my original haircolor just before the holidays.  I love it even more after seeing pictures of my streaky, roots-a-showing hair in fall photos.  What's awesome is I can put it in on damp hair and it's dry by the time I'm out the door with no blow drying, very little effort for soft defined curls.  I still want to go permanently straight, but for right now I'm actually liking my curly hair.

4.  Recent trip to White House, Black Market in which I picked up 2 skirts, 1 shirt, and a dress on major sale.  I also picked up 3 pairs of shoes on the same trip.  See what being childless in a mall does to my budget!!.  Childless shopping is better than a Caribbean vacation, for real.  This was my favorite of the skirts that has silver leather strips stitched on a white backing in a retro, geometric pattern. LOVE IT!

5.  Fresh flowers.  My local grocery as well as Trader Joes has great, fresh options that can be arranged in a nice vase for under 10 bucks. Just before the holidays I picked up these burgundy lilies and some loose greenery. I added the ribbon that was tied around the bouquet and I created this for my counter. Life is too short to only get flowers on special occasions.  Today is a special occasion.

6. Goodreads- I am attempting to read 30 books in 2013.  I came close with 26 books in 2012.  What I love about cataloging with Goodreads is that you can rate, view friends books for suggestions, as well as "shelve" books into specific categories.  I am advocating, "neglected my children" or maybe "fed them Hotpockets 'cause I was too busy READING" as a category.  I'm currently reading Tiny Beautiful Things which is hands down one of the best, the universe put this book in my hands at this specific time books I've read.  Please read it and then discuss among yourselves.

Love List January, you are rocking my world. 

What's on your Love List?  Go!


Carrie77 said...

I use Curls Rock, but I love trying other curly hair products! I am a curly hair product junkie! I am thinking about growing my hair out longer... I just love long hair, even though its so much more work it seems. I really want to learn how to blow dry/flat iron my hair out quickly, too! I rarely wear it straight, and I have a nice Chi, too! My stylist is really the only one that ever straightens it for me.

LauraC said...

I ate a whole container of that TJ's popcorn mix at the beach house. So glad I did!

And I told Jon Tiny Beautiful Things is like my bible. Amazing beautiful words and you hear exactly what you need to hear.