Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend round-up on Tuesday

Since I'm heading into final exams and the end of the semester deadlines it's likely going to be a quiet week in this space.  But before I sign off this week, I wanted to share some awesome that went down this weekend.  

Exhibit A- Unbelievable sunset on the way home from school Friday as I started pick up.  It was so amazing that I pulled the car off the street and the boys and I sat on the hood of the car watching it go down through the beauty of winter trees. 

Exhibit B- No picture, but 2 sessions of 10 into working a personal trainer.  I'm getting exactly what I need.  Lots of 30-45 min workout options that utilize lots of different options.  Saturday I ran sprints in between core work on the indoor track.  I was unbelievably tired and sore. It felt amazing. 

Exhibit C- My friend Laura H. was in Raleigh for a work meeting and came by and deliver the motherload.  That is the last 12 years of her work product in the way of files for my upcoming US History classes in the spring.  Can we say no amount of picking up the tab at dinner or some freezer meals can thank you for the time she are saving me in the spring as I pick up a new class.  She rocks, she is awesome, I wish my kids could have her as their teacher.  There is a reason why she is NC Secondary Social Studies Teacher of the Year 2012.

Exhibit D- A real movie.  In a theater.  Without kids.  Bill and I swapped time with the kids and since I just *had* to go get garbage bags and check out the K-cup selection at Bed, Bath, and Beyond I also saw Silver Linings Playbook.  Not exactly a rom-com that you would say, "hey let's watch this guy trying to get his life together in the face of years undiagnosed schizophrenia with serious relationship issues for two hours as enjoyable," but this movie is wickedly good and definitely worthy of the upcoming awards season.  Plus two hours of Bradley Cooper which was the deal-sealer.

Exhibit E- I finished Tiny, Beautiful Things. Wow. Soul- moving good.  I know what I want for my birthday on the 19th, a paper copy to mark up, pass to friends and come back to as many times as I need. Please read this in 2013.

Exhibit F- Season premiere of Downton Abbey.  Time get my bonnet love on for relationships that I care about in the same way I did Big and Carrie SATC days.  My friend Ellen came over and while I did dress for dinner not in a ball gown, but rather in a kid food stained 1994 sorority party shirt, I did break out the fine china and sterling to serve cupcakes and tea. 

I also took the boys to the library for new weekly books as well as did a family movie night to watch Pete's Dragon.  While we had the average amount of squabbling, they also played well together for a bulk of the time PLUS didn't fight me on cleaning up.


Carrie77 said...

I just finished Tiny Beautiful Things last night and I have already recommended it to some friends and family. Such a valuable read.
I just started to watch Downton Abbey this last Sunday and WOW. I am hooked. Going to try to watch some of the old seasons, I think season 2 only has 8 episodes (I think!).
I wanted to let you know I am in Mondo again this January! It started on Monday... so excited about this. My last Mondo class was in 2010.

Gillian said...

We had tea for Downton too! It is the most appropriate beverage for sure!

Ms Mae said...

Ok. Tiny Beautiful Things is on my list :)

As for the baby, we are pretty excited too. We get to "peek" at him again in a couple weeks and hopefully he stays a he ;)