Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Magic 8 Ball predictions

Happy 2 week birthday brand new year!  I decided not to do resolutions this year.  I also figured that I would wait a few weeks into January and combine with upcoming 38th birthday goals. 

Instead of resolutions, here is my list of predictions that come December 31st, I will achieved or tried like hell to accomplish.  

By year end,

-there will have been Kenyan soil on my shoes again

-I will have had reason to wash an extra load of smelly, sweaty gym clothes each week

-re-trained and run a 5k, possibly with Ben

-thought hard about pursuing National Board teaching license renewal and tying myself to teaching for 13 more years

-purged the house of all things for the under 3 crowd

-quietly walked away from commitments as well as relationships that I no longer want to invest time

-realized that I am most likely half-way through this life and consciously worked towards making the best decisions for my health, both physically and psychologically

-have done what I can to ensure Ben is getting the best care and treatment, then not guilt myself into thinking I could have done more

-practiced patience daily with Ian as we travel through the 2-3 year old phase

-seen my brother more than in 2012

-not gone to my 20 year high school reunion since most everyone I want to see, I already keep up with through social media

-spent time with girlfriends in lots of combinations including college, high school, my adult friends

-used my old lady face cream nightly as well as my prescription tooth paste twice a day

-thought before I spoke when I disagreed with Bill

-read some great books among my goal of 30 on GoodReads

-kept a prayer/meditation journal with a weekly entry

-have found, bought, and am currently wearing a killer pair of jeans

-learned how to use the manual settings on our camera

-showed appreciation to those that make my life rich and full in small and not small ways.  Sometimes signed, others anonymously

-said Yes (selectively) when it might have been the default to have said No

52, make that 50 weeks to unfold ahead. 
What do you have in store for me in 2013, Magic 8 Ball?


Carrie77 said...

Great list... I like the idea of having a prayer/meditation journal.

LauraC said...

These are some pretty good predictions.

Anonymous said...

Love your list! Happy early birthday my friend :) Katie L