Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to turn 38

On Saturday, January 19th I turned 38.  The one thing I wanted more than anything for my birthday was time with Ben and Ian. Like most anyone I know who live crazy, chaotic lives I wanted a pause to play, to be silly, to curl up with the boys under a blanket without an alarm clock to wake us.   I took advantage of a winter sale at a beach resort with an indoor water park and made plans to take the boys over my birthday and MLK holiday weekend.

Bill was suppose to go with us, but after a deadline at work was extended as well as his ongoing cold he opted to stay home.  To his credit I came home to a cleaned out garage.  We started the day by finishing up a parent/child pottery class.  Ben took it upon himself to help clean up not only his work, but also helped the teacher clean the studio and take the potty to the kiln while I finished my pieces.  I could not have asked for a better way to start the day other than with a helpful child proud of his own initiated actions.  

We headed home to do lunch and birthday cake with Bill then headed on the the beach. Of course the drive down was not without incident, including a panicked Ben around the NC/SC state line screaming that Ian had a red marker and was coloring the ceiling of the car along with the back of the leather seats.  I think I careened across all lanes of traffic and happened to pull over in time to strong arm the marker from his hand and attempt damage control.  

For the next 48 hours we never left the resort and spent time at the indoor waterslides, lazy river,  and splash park.  We brought a few groceries with us and ate birthday cake for breakfast, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and popcorn for dinner, and enjoyed  Rice Crispy treats with Perry the Platypus on the balcony.  

Both weekend afternoons it was crazy warm near 70 degrees so we headed outside to play on the beach, played on the hotel playground and mini golf course, made sandcastles, walked in the warm tidepools, and kicked a ball in the surf. 
We took a long walk on the beach where the boys chased each other and talked about catching a dolphin that we would name Davey who could live in our bathtub.

*Note* We are not housing a dolphin, much to Ben's sadness. 

It was everything I wanted in a birthday.  It was everything spontaneous and full of life that I love about Ben and Ian.   It was everything I love about being a mom. I hope that one day they will remember that they were my everything as they begin parent their own children.  

They were the best gift I got for my 38th birthday.  


LauraC said...

Love it!
Happy happy birthday!

Carrie77 said...

That would make for a perfect birthday for me, too! Happy belated bday and glad it was such a nice one! :) Brian just turned 38 on Jan. 11!