Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camp Mommy: Overnight Edition

Bill returned home very late Labor day evening with tales of meeting MacGyver, Gillian Anderson, and oh yes $300 lightsaber that is "battle ready." 

I got nothing on spending any amount of money on himself, so I'm giving him a pass.  After as much help as he's been in the last 8 months for me to travel and recover, I really wanted him to go and have a great weekend.   

Here's what we did while home alone.

Friday night- collapsed in a pizza and movie night haze.  I finished a book and all parties, myself included, went to bed early. 

Saturday- We walked the dog to get Dunkin Doughnuts for the boys (not the dog) then headed over to Marbles kids museum for the morning.  Later that afternoon after Ian refused to take a nap (one of three days of weekend no napping,) we played outside.  I got them to bed and worked on school stuff and watched a movie. 

Sunday- Did church then I drove down to work since the building was open. Big boo, but I am a little more caught up.  Plus the kids can run wild up and down the halls racing cars leaving me to work. 

Later that afternoon we headed over to Durham to the Scrap Exchange.  I've had this on the list of places to visit for the last two summers and finally made it over.  For a kid who routinely scavenges and creates out of the recycle box, Ben hit the motherload in the make it take it room. 

Big plus for the insane amount of variety of recycled items.  For 5 bucks and the ability to get him to agree to leave, he filled a bag with all kinds of materials for our growing, build it box.  I love he is exploring self directed creativity as well as the focus he puts into a project.  Check out that sign, "you are a work of art." Pure awesome.

A huge negative was that it was in an un air conditioned, very dank warehouse. Needless to say we bathed in wipes before heading into downtown for a food truck rodeo.  I told the boys that whatever food anyone wanted we would find as there were 45 vendors parked along the streets of a large park.

The boys opted for hot dogs and popsicles.  I put away a grilled goat cheese, fig with balsamic reduction sandwich, 1/2 order of dumplings and noodle salad, and a mini ice cream.  We also took home a giant bag of kettle corn and very, very full bellies. 

Ben got sick in the night so we did the 2 am bath and bed strip.  I had planned on taking them to the zoo on Labor day.  I left it up to Ben if he felt like going in the morning.  We did after both boys slept in :) 

We checked out the new dinosaur exhibit as well as our usual favorites. Other than meltdowns by Ben at bedtime the boys were really good, played well together, and we had a decent weekend. 

I mean not "battle ready" light saber amazing, but good. 


Beth said...

Way to keep 'em busy! And LOL about the light saber. Now I know who to call when I need some back-up. :-)

Carrie77 said...

Minus the puke episode, what an AWESOME weekend you and the boys had... that scrap store sounds really, neat. When we went to Elephant Rocks last fall, there was a junk store on the side of the road we stopped at and it was so neat. It had a really silly name, too, I wish I could remember it.

Gillian said...

Wow that is quite a weekend!! Busy and fun! Did you know there is a place in downtown Cary that is supposed to be like Scrap Exchange? I haven't been in there to see it yet... I can't imagine that it is as big, it is in downtown Cary somewhere.