Friday, September 7, 2012

An Occasional Friday Series: Project Runway, Summer Edition

With school back in session I'm back into work clothes.  I'm actually putting together a fall list of a few items I'm looking to add. I love, love, love this fall skirt in glen plaid pattern from White House, Black Market.  I can see it paired with boots or flats.  I *might* be convinced to pair it with something other than a black turtleneck.

Over the summer I bought two pairs of wide legged linen pants.  Both became workhorses of my summer wardrobe and are proving to be versatile back in the classroom.   But, my biggest score of the summer were these white jeans from Gap. Thankfully I've been assured I can wear them into fall since I only found them in late July.  Also love this shirt from Gap.  I never found a sleeveless, side tie shirt I liked but I think the gathered neck and bare shoulders looks young (er) on my 37 year old body.

Next up black linen pants and a sheer white burnout shirt with cami underneath.  I paired with a long Kazuri necklace I bought in Kenya in a metallic finish.  LOVE this piece!

Now the reverse, white linen, black thin sweater and red triple strand choker of Kazuri beads.  (uh.. this would be the outfit of first day shame when I paired the pants with black lace underneath.)

In the shoe department I have loved my Toms wedges.  I bought a neutral color and have worn them much of the summer with skirts, cropped jeans, both linen pants.

You know I love some black and white action also in a dress.  Both of these are recycled from a larger size. They fit a little different but still are wearable.

See I can wear some color! 

But hands down the dress I have worn more and loved more than any other outfit is this maxi dress. We have family pictures later in the month and it's making my short list for my outfit.  

Just a note about the beads I mentioned.  I bought three sets of Kazuri beads in Nairobi.  Our team toured the factory where the beads are hand shaped out of clay and then fired with a glossy finish.  The story of how this business was created is pretty cool. 

Also linked on the site is the rolled, paper beads from Uganda that I gave as thank yous for financial support. They are less expensive but equally beautiful, colorful and purchases directly impact women in east Africa.

Check out either if interested.


Beth C said...

Love the early Fall runway show!!! As always you look amazing!! When's the red dress photo shoot?

Carrie77 said...

Fashion blogs are my current obsession lately! I love your fashion blog post! I love White House, Black Market for fancier work clothes! My favorite outfit is the black linen pants and a sheer white burnout shirt with cami underneath. Love! And, of course the Kazuri necklace!