Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Gumbo


Thankfully a really long and trying week is about to end. 

Bill on the road as I post with a friend on his way to Dragon*Con in Atlanta.  No he isn't wearing a costume but he has been talking about this trip since he booked it a year ago.   After his help while I was in Kenya this is some payback to take a guys weekend.  I truly hope he has a great time, but he better not come home with a costume.

Mom will be engaging in some Camp Mommy, the Overnight edition until he returns on Monday late.  Several plans have fallen through, but in actuality I really need some time at home.  I have quite a lot of work to do to get ready for next week as well as grading and contacting parents, especially for those repeating the class. 

I've decided that I'm taking tonight off phoning in dinner, doing a movie night with the kids and going to bed uber early.  I'm planning on getting up at 5 for the next three mornings to maximize getting work done before the boys are up. 

Ben finished the week with most days with a good report. We've had some meltdowns at home, but honestly I'd rather deal with it at home than at school.

Transitions just suck.  Amen.  

Luckily I feel we have a teacher that is willing to work with us and support what we are doing at home. As tradition started last year I left a thank you card for her and her assistant with Bojangles biscuit giftcards and a note thanking them for working with us. 

It's the little things I hope will make crazy early morning better.  I can't imagine a room of 6 year olds at 7:30 in the morning. 

Earlier this week I was buying stuff for my class, already over $100 bucks spent since we have ZERO supply budget this year again.  Not one but two different random sales clerks thanked me for teaching kids.  Maybe it was because I had the bedraggled teacher look, or just still had on my work badge, but those little comments made a really trying day better. 

So we end a really long crappy week with some really crappy phone photos from this week 

Ben wanted to make something for his teacher from this book I got from the library about crafts using paper plates.  Something tells me there's going to be more made this weekend.  This is a self portrait and his dog. Note it is pitch black dark when the kids get up at 6:10.

My salvation this week working late each night after the kids were in bed. CHEESE!! A couple of nights I didn't even get as far as a plate. Note the fig preserves, full on Monday. 

Some days you just gotta buy something for yourself.  How about favorite yellow lilies, (another) to-do list pad, and scored 1/2 half off a label maker.  Just let me get caught up with school work and I'm about to be a labeling fool.

Happy labor day folks, hope you are spending part of it relaxing. 


Carrie77 said...

LOVE that you treated yourself to flowers. Love yellow lilies! We are going to have our first movie night this weekend (a kids movie night) since Issac is bringing rain ALL weekend.

Ms Mae said...

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend! We decided to have no out of town plans so all that is on our radar is a bbq and birthday party for a friend. Nice and quiet. I like that :)