Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A fair swap

I have been asking Bill to please, pretty please put up the 16 canvases in our upstairs hallway for months.  Out of the clear blue I come home from errands with the boys on Saturday and find this:


Bill: "Which baby pictures are Ben?  The boys looked so alike."

Ben:  "That's me.. pointing to a picture of Ian."

Ian:   "My brother and me" "Me drink from a water slide too" as he is pointing to a picture of Ben from his 3rd birthday party.

Heather:  "Nice job that we have 9 pictures of Ben alone, 3 of Ian, 3 together, 1 family." Note for the final wall we need more of Ian alone.

This one from our weekend trip to Hill Ridge Farm might be a contender. 

Where did the swap play into the weekend?  Bill has come home daily with more bags of Halloween decorations.  Adding to the multiple crates we already have in storage. 

We are about to be THAT house in a matter of days.  Luckily I got him to agree to not put everything up in SEPTEMBER.


Beth said...

LOVE the pictures--especially the new one of Ian. When did he get so grown up? He's a kid now! As for Halloween decorations, put 'em out already! October will fly by, so I say, enjoy 'em while you can. :-)

LauraC said...

Love love love the grouping!!

Bill Vinson said...

I made no such agreement ;) decoration day is coming...soon!

Carrie77 said...

What a nice surprise to come home to! And, I love that photo of Ian, it needs to go up on the wall, too! :)

Katie said...

Heather I absolutely love this! It makes me smile!

Jennifer Murphy said...

Beautiful photos of your family! The wall looks great!