Thursday, September 13, 2012

Larry Flynt would be so proud

Busy work week going down so little to report at Casa Vinson outside of insanely beautiful weather.  Like need a convertible and no obligations beautiful.  

I've started letting Ben hang out in the magazine area of the grocery while I check out.  Mostly it's because he wants to "help" bag resulting in crushed bread and broken eggs. 

The other day he asked if he could pick out a magazine and put in the Bear Bucks reward box. Score that he recognized that he could work towards a reward instead of just whining to buy something.  So I said yes, go pick out one magazine. 

Here's what he brought back-

Ben:  "Mom, why does that lady have on spiderwebs on her legs."

Mom:  "It's part of her outfit. I bet her legs are cold. Can you show me a different magazine as I think you have to be double digit age to buy this one."

Ben then returns with this:

Ben: "is he a super hero with all those muscles?"

Mom:  "uh no, that's a real person who likes to exercise. ALOT"  "Ben why don't we walk over and look at magazines together as this also is not one you need to take home."

As we are walking over I'm thinking please don't let the grocery stock Hustler. 

So we settled on this more appropriate selection since he loves airplanes:

Why on the topic of magazines.  I have somehow gotten on the mailing list for
Bass Pro Shop Women's apparel. 

How, God knows?  Remember that once I got on the mailing list for tshirts and knick knacks for cat lovers.  As well as the American Doll magazine.  As well as Guideposts Senior Living.  I credit my mom for all those selections. 

Like I train wreck I have kept it, leafing through to this page when I need a laugh. 

happy (almost) weekend-


LauraC said...

AWESOME all around.

Beth said...

OMG--rolling laughing! William prefers Guns 'n' Ammo. Awesome.

Carrie77 said...

LOL! What a laugh this entire post was! Loved it!

Ms Mae said...

Bahahahahaha. Ok just read this. LOVE It. My husband buys The Horse on a regular basis so I'm glad Ben picked it out :)

Jen Murphy said...

This post made me cry from laughing out loud so hard!!!