Friday, September 21, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Friday is upon us so a quick recap.

This is how my week started with this Facebook post from a last minute grocery run on Sunday night.  I should have know to expect a crazy week. 

The Good:
  • Half day for students today. Doughnut bribery and all period tests going down all day.
  • Beautiful fall weather is upon us with low humidity and cool nights.
  • The brisket I cooked overnight that smelled up my house for two days
  • Catching up with a team member from Kenya this week
  • Finally making it out to our S Studies department trivia night at a local bar.  Our 2nd place finish partially paid the bar tab with the winnings
  • Freeze ahead session this weekend planned with a couple of coworkers.  Hello ground turkey-a-thon
  • First weekend since school opened I am NOT returning to school to work or call parents on Sunday
  • Mostly good week with Ben minus one mega meltdown Tuesday night.
  • Spray tan is almost gone

The Bad: 
  • Crashing the 3rd grade parent meeting of 100+ parents who turned to watch me chase Ian after he pulled away from me and took off running in front of the administration.  Would it have been too much to ask for a damn sign telling that after school pickup needed to use a different entrance?
  • One step forward in catching up with work, then two steps back in dealing with failing grades and parent contacts.
  • Have not only fallen off the exercise bandwagon, am in a total ditch and need motivation to restart.  
  • Damn tired, like fell asleep wearing my work ID two different nights face down on the couch. 

The Ugly:
  • Ben in a meltdown tantrum hit me in the face with a football helmet. 
  • Dentist has declared that my one "let's just wait to fix it cavity" is now 3 cavities and I need a crown. I got the Antichrist of all dental hygienists who between the Fox news blaring on the dental chair TV, her chatter about flossing, and her attempt to remove any plaque from the last 10 years left me in all kids of pain  
  • Hit a squirrel in the neighborhood yesterday, flattening his back half body.  I watched in horror as he pulled himself to the curb.  I got out of my car and debated being late to get Ian and then even later to the 1st grade parents meeting to head back to the house to get a shovel and do the humane thing. Once home I returned to the scene, but the squirrel was gone.
Felt like a really, really bad person for just leaving.

What's going down this weekend?  Nothing other than pumpkin patchin' it meet up with friends giving us 4 boys to wear down for naps, lots of yardwork, and hopefully spending some time outside with the kids. 


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