Friday, June 29, 2012

Ben's 6th Birthday Party

Ben's birthday fell on a Saturday this year.  When asked what type of party he wanted he immediately said, "giant waterslide party with waterguns."  Think he may have been thinking about this for a while?

When I found out that my school graduation would fall on the same day we decided to forge ahead and plan what would likely be an insane day.

And it was.  We allowed Ben to invite his kindergarten class + 5 additional outside school friends.  Add in our neighbors and we had close to 35 invited kids.  Yes, I am crazy but when you are this age, birthdays are EVERYTHING.  Final kid count was 24 including almost every boy in his class.

I asked my friend Eileen of Sugar Mama Cakes to create an Angry Birds themed cake.  When she dropped off the cake Friday night, Ben immediately asked if we could start the party immediately.  Add in 70+ grilled hot dogs, a giant watermelon and blueberry salad, and a tub of bags of Sunchips and we were ready to party.

We had hosted a waterslide birthday party before.  Remember this photo of a 3 year old Ben?

The party was crazy fun.  I would say Ben had a good time.

As well as my fearless 2 year old Ian.

Say did mom go down?

Even Mom and Dad got a little crazy (with the frosting)

Later that day I looked down at my feet at graduation to see mud still on my toes and laughed out loud at what was a tiring but awesome way to celebrate Ben's birthday.

I haven't even been brave enough to ask what he's thinking for his 7th birthday, which I'm sure he's already planning.


Carrie77 said...

Ha! LOVE the Angry Bird cake! The red one is Nathan's favorite bird!

Ms Mae said...

How fantastic. Looks like you guys had an amazing time and I love your family picture at the end! IDK if I am brave enough to invite that many kids to my house. I rarely feel up to having that many ADULTS over. Glad he had a great day.