Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What to do with 24 extra hours?

Most likely the same stuff I always do: commute to work, pick up the kids, play outside if the weather holds out, walk the dog, make dinner...blah, blah, blah.

I wanted to do something out of the ordinary for leap day for the boys so after pick up we are having a scavenger hunt in the house to find something that is not the same and out of the ordinary.

For Ben: new Superhero bedding

For Ian: a new book (in his bed since we don't allow books in bed due to tearing them up). Although after loosing yet another solo shoe last night in the grocery store I think he should be getting replacement shoes. As a bonus I should consider giving him a roll of duct tape for his sponeaous stripping.

Last month I capped off January with an update on my 2012 goals: February Update

Family: Still trying to milk every minute I can get between pick up and bedtime with the boys. With the crazy mild winter we have spent so much time outside playing. Yet another reason I love my house is the neighborhood to discover on walks to the nearby greenway.

Exercise: Again with the warm weather I have been neglecting the gym for daily 2 mile walks with the dog. I'm back to going consistently on Saturday am for weights and more intense Cardio. With only a month until the next surgery I hope to add a couple more days to get in and work out to build back some stamina.

Sleep- SCORE.SCORE.SCORE Can I just ask where I found the time to work online. In the one month since I have given up this job (and yes the money) I find that most nights I am asleep before 11pm. Granted I do the tour of Bill's office couch, downstairs couch, and finally to bed.

I am also finding that post surgery I just really, really tired. Maybe from being on my feet traveling floors and wings all day or maybe it's just taking more time to recover but I'm making the time to sleep and it's paying off.

Time: I *wish* I could say that I'm suddenly on time. How about I'm trying to build time into leaving to make it on time. How about I'm leaving the house consistently to make it on time to work. How about that I've been super conservative about who/what is getting my time right now. I think just being conscious that this is an ongoing issue and working everyday to just do better.

Wasn't that a goal for 2012 to strive to perfection but be able to live for satisfaction.
Happy Leap Day folks. I hope you fill it with whatever you needed/wanted to do the other 365 days of the year.

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Carrie77 said...

Being on time is one I am still sucking at, too. But, yay on the SLEEP!!! Sleep is so important!