Friday, February 10, 2012


How it is possibly Friday? With the load of laundry that has been moved from bed to basket, back to bed, ok you get it been a busy week. Not that anything earth shattering happened, but what's been going down at Casa de la Vinson?

Bad behavior a disciplin', Ian multiple mess a cleanin', Bunco a winnin', Appointments a-makin' for pre-op labs/testin', Summer Camp enrollin', Brother birthday gift a mailin', passport a dealin', school open house attendin', and weekend plans a makin'.

This sums up my week.

Weekend filled with plans for a date night to Angus Barn, workday for Kenya trip prep, VDay kids party, and the usual unfun chores.

Back next week to finish up some posts in draft form. In trying to stave off the nasty cold Ian has had all week, I crashed early almost every night falling asleep with the same book on my face on practically the same page night after night.

Note that I found the book cast into the basket of laundry also still on the bed more than once this week.

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Beth said...

Yay for Bunco winning! I'm with you on the whole summer camp planning. Ugh. It seems criminal to have to think about that now. Happy date night! I'll be tackling laundry and bathrooms this weekend, along with two birthday parties, gift-buying, grocery shopping, and working for work. And I've made hardly any progress with my book this month, either. So I'm right there with ya! Here's to "Git 'er done" this weekend.