Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Singing From the Same Hymnal

A couple of weeks ago Bill and I were at my consultation to plan my 2nd surgery. Much of the discussion turned to recovery and expected help needed. At some point my surgeon looked at us and said, "you two are singing from the same hymnal and I have no doubt that like before you will rely on each other to get through the first hard week."

Very, very true that after fifteen years of marriage that love is best expressed in how Bill took care of me not only when I couldn't do even the simplest of tasks for myself, but before when I was scared about the possibility of not waking up to see the boys or him again. He is one of the few people that I let in when I am vulnerable and needing reassurance. He never fails to point out reason when I need to be brought back to earth.

Don't even ask about how he feels about me traveling to Kenya. He might stow away on the plane last minute.

On this day filled with expressions of love, knowing that someone has my back, regardless of circumstance is the best gift I could ask for.

Plus Bill knows I will kill him if he pays a ridiculous markup on flowers today.


Beth said...

Seriously awesome post, Heather. Love the title. Love the sentiment. And I totally agree about the flowers!!!

Beth said...

And then Ed surprised me at my office with a dozen roses and took me out to lunch. Guess I won't kill him after all. (He bought the roses at Harris Teeter so I'll cut him some slack. LOL!)