Friday, February 3, 2012

An Occational Friday 2012 Series- Project Runway

Over the course of last month I completely cleaned out my closet of anything too big, not worn, or looking remnicent of somthing worn to a INXS concernt circa 1987. I had some clothes more than 20 years old that I finally tossed including my well worn Celebrate Freedom: Read a Banned Book t-shirt.

The end result was 5 pairs of pants, 1 skirt that are currently wearable. I sorted out through tops and kept only those I currently wear. Amazingly when I cleaned out the two bins of pre-prego spring clothes I discovered I have several shirts in color! (as well as waaay too many black t-shirts.)

Check out that green sleeveless dress on the left. I haven't worn that puppy since spring of 2005. Unless someone points out to me that I'm sadly out of fashion, come a warm day I'm all over wearing it with those awesome 5 inch wedges from last summer.

I feel good that my 3 trashbags of clothes were donated to a work collegue. Her sister is newly back at work without larger professional clothes after a 2 year lay off. Sure.

I have hestiated buying anything until post 2nd surgery. I can make what I have work and have bought a couple of assessories to pull some outfits together.

First up was a skinny black patent leather belt to go with the black and grey herribone pants for work. Both pairs well with a pair of black patent leather stacked heels. I still am looking for a pair of metalic or gunmetal colored flats.

I found this beauty to go with cords and jeans.
I LOVE this belt and even had a couple of my teenage girl students ask we where I had gotten it. Does this mean there is hope yet I may have some symblence of style?

Yesterday I paired it with items I already had including Gap kakhis and a layered Old Navy jean shirt over a blue t-shirt. While I think it needs some type of necklace, I think this came together well.

I've never been a big shopping kinda girl, but I tell you I find myself stopping and looking more and more whenever I can still time minus the kids in tow.


Carrie77 said...

Love the belt, its so fun! I really need to clean out my closet... mainly because the ex-hub's side has become storage and its not pretty! I also want to split my winter from my summer clothes. They are all mixed. I saw a neat thing on Pinterest, turn all your hangers backwards, when you wear something turn the hanger forward.. whichever hangers are backwards still at the end of the season, donate the clothes.

Beth said...

Skinny looks good on you!!! Love the belt. It's time for me to purge, too. Although, I'm still haunted by the cute sweater-dress I gave away 5 years ago, which is now back in style! I can't win. LOL.