Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A shade off from perfect

Amazing long weekend vacation along the NC Coast. So much so that I'll just tell it in pictures.

Boys in Hammocks: aka Ben and Ian were filthy after falling into the dirt underneath to get out.

Only a parent of boys would have worded this sign.

Ask me how much I feared Ian was going to jump off the top of this fort, thus the mom death grip ensued?">
The only time I ever hope to see them behind bars

Just after this shot the boys were jumping off and rolling on the ground. Surprised?

Big ol' cannon and behind it a big ol' freighter coming into the port to unload.

***If you look closely Ian is chasing Ben from behind***

Favorite shot of the whole vacay

What else did we do? We swam in the indoor pool, built a giant racetrack on the beach under 70 and sunny weather, taught Ben how to play teatherball a la Napoleon Dynamite, visited the Aquarium, ate lots of yummy food, watched Muppets Treasure Island, and ventured out to a Civil War fort.

Tons-o-fun on a much needed unplugged family weekend.

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