Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little man boobs or pec implants... so can't decide?

From a walk yesterday with the boys. Ben is totally into a superhero phase (lifetime commitment if you ask his father)

Ben asked to stop by the goose house.. aka the gazebo on the neighborhood walking trail where the geese all congregate and poop.

Not sure if this shows the beginnings of some man boobs or he is gunning for some pec implants.

Either way, he's got his mom's genes.

Heading to the beach for the long weekend tomorrow. All plans for the indoor pool, movie watching, walking on the beach, flying our kite, finishing a book, and sleeping.


Carrie77 said...

Ahhh! The beach! Have a good weekend! And, that photo cracks me up!

Beth said...

Oh my gosh. You did not just write "man boobs" in a blog title. LMAO. Have an AWESOME weekend. Hate it that I'll be in Cary and won't get to see you. But maybe first week in April? (Tentative . . . )