Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

****Note to everyone who believe I only hate on Alabama, not today. Beside you know I love my home state of South Carolina first****

When I tell people that I was in a sorority in college I usually get the same look as when they hear I am a teacher of real-live public school children. Polite shock with a little amazement usually followed by laughter.

I have to agree on some level that I'm not the stereotypical type of either. I also never expected when I started college that because of a sorority I would meet my future husband at a pledge bash.

Amazing weekend catching up with old friends, my little sister Alex, my good friend Beth whom I roomed with and was a major reason why I wanted to be a part of this house.

The Grove Park Inn was everything expected in a luxury hotel. We ate wonderful food, drank without regard for university values valuations, stayed at the spa the entire day Saturday. In general left our thirtysomething selves behind and relived being young with our whole adult futures ahead of us.

It was as if the last 15 years had never happened.


Beth said...

Thirty-somethings? Looking at that picture, I'd have said twenty-somethings. (Although the classier style might give you away! LOL) Glad you had a blast. Time well deserved!

Anonymous said...

I, too, get polite shock, incredulity, and laughter when people learn that I was in a sorority. I met my first husband around the time I joined my house, and coincidentally our houses were somehow paired up (the DUs were our brother house on campus, might be an international thing?) and oh dear - we had a very typical "Greek" wedding. The horror.

I only kept in touch with one person from my university chapter, but we served on the board of the Chicago alumni chapter together for many years! Most of the amazing women I've met since leaving university were through our alumni group. Although I was never close to many of the girls in my campus chapter, it was still an amazing experience. I hate to say it, but I'll be a teensy bit disappointed if Nina chooses not to join a sorority (and obviously, I hope she joins mine.)

Alex said...

What a great weekend! It was so good to see you and reconnect with you and the whole gang.

Beth C. said...

I had a blast catching up with you Heatha!!! I am honored to know I was one of the reasons you came over to the dark side of sorority life!! :) I look forward to Nashvegas next year and you better save me a spot in your party room and don't forget the Party Punch!!!! BTW...would you send me the recipe for that?