Friday, July 29, 2011

Double Parking on Tap

We are at the point in the new place that I'm really happy with the new placement of items and am getting into a routine with cleaning and keeping up with organizing.

I'm one of those everything in a place and a place for everything people ad nausem. Clutter actually makes me nervous so you can imagine how much I abhor unpacked boxes. I have offered to help Bill this weekend with the final few boxes in the garage that are (his) odds and ends.

One of the many reasons we LOVE this house is the tons of storage. I mean if you ever needed a place to stash a body, I got you covered. Our #1 goal this weekend is to finish the garage, make a trip to the landfill for the ridiculous amount of paint that conveyed, a final charity run for the "shouldn't have moved it" pile, freecycle the final electronics and park the cars in the garage.

I had lots of time on the drive last weekend to think about being back at work full time in a matter of weeks, how I want this fall to play out, and in general what I can drop from my life to give me more relaxation in this home I love.

We have not had tv in the new place since we moved in and I can honestly say I've not missed it. I'm also really sticking to not working past 10/10:30 pm regarless of how much it will helps to stay ahead. Instead I've been going to bed much earlier, reading and falling asleep naturally by midnight. I've got three books going right now, a record by my standards.

How can I translate this into the pending fall schedule? Lots to think about, maybe a post in the works since I really want to make this a positive transition for all stakeholders with no repeats of the past insanity. Will be rereading Brene Brown's thoughts on how pace of life = quality of life prior to the fall kick off.

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Carrie77 said...

After I finish Mocking Jay (3rd book to Hunger Games) I plan to finally read Brene Brown's book. I love that quote, its something I need to work on more.