Monday, July 18, 2011

So Maybe I Need Another 48 Hours

I had really, really hoped to have the entire house unpacked by weekend end. Well...

Instead I'm going to have to go with by week end as there is still lots of big, bulky items in the garage to walk up to the attic. More pics of the finished house once we can do the House Beautiful walk through but here is the status

#1 Priority- Serious Babyproofing. Already in progress but Ian is everything Ben was at age 15 months and MORE.

Kitchen-DONE!!!! (thank you friends)
Family Room- Done
Dining Room- Haven't even touched (who is planning on fine china anyway)
Porches/Deck- Done including plants
Playroom- All toys unpacked, but needs organization (and a 2nd thinning)
Master- DONE!
Boys Rooms- 1/2 done (beds and furniture in place, need to unpack extra the closets)
Master Bath- Closets done (under the sinks not done.. have to contact paper and buy some organization containers)
Boys Bath- Need to finish the walls, organize/paper the linen closet. Make directional signs about lifting the toilet seat and washing hands.

Over the weekend I met up with my high school girlfriends at Melissa's lakehouse in Charlotte. While the trip which was planned back a few moths ago, it seemed like bad timing with the move. I wouldn't have missed it for anything, but I showed up exhausted and tired (and also expected, late.)

We spent Saturday on the lake on the Potter's boat, enjoyed a big barbecue and socialized on their deck overlooking Lake Norman. Everyone brought their kids (and spouses, minus Bill who as I hoped would take advantage of the time to unpack his office and network the house.)

What a great and much needed break after a really long week. I'll leave you with this shot. As you can imagine, Ben rehashed my expected wipeout with the embellishment only a 5 year old can create. I believe by the time Bill heard the story I had lost an arm and a toe eaten by a fish.

Lots still to do this week, but the first blog post from a really happy place in the new home.


Carrie77 said...

I am sure that weekend away was MUCH needed with all of your unpacking chaos! Actually... it doesn't sound too chaotic, as organized as you are with your list!! heheh. I am planning a much needed weekend away over Labor Day (Jer has the kids Sat/Sun). I can't wait! And, yes, WD was on my Mondo list. Yeah! I'm a bit nervous, but I am sure I will love it.

Beth said...

Sounds like you have everything under control! :-) And I'm glad you got away for the weekend--or at least overnight. Your house and all the stuff in it aren't going anywhere any time soon!