Monday, July 25, 2011

500 miles in 2011 Challenge- Update

***Amazing weekend at the Grove Park, longer write-up with group photo soon***

We just passed into week 30 in the 500 miles in 2011 Challenge. When I got back to outside running last night I was astounded that my last week in the Couch to 5k restart was on JUNE 28th. Wow. I've been feeling especially sluggish, given the heat, the move, being on vacation but this is really inexcusable. I *wish* I could say I exercised at all during the last month, but outside of walking the dog, nada.

As of yesterday I was around 415 miles. Nearly 100 miles off off where I wanted to be mid year with a personal goal of 1000 miles by year end.

You would never guess that practically one month from today I'm participating with friends in a Warrior Dash Carolina. I need to pick up the pace if I have any intention of not embarrassing myself even if with the extreme heat we walk parts of the race between the obstacles.

When I started this competition in January I made it a personal goal to try to clear a minimum of 20 miles a week and for most of the spring I met the goal, even with the insanity of my spring teaching load. I made it a priority and didn't negotiate.

But then the move and the listing, the packing, and most recently the unpacking... has just sidetracked me. I managed to get 12 miles in last week, including 2 while at the Grove Park this weekend. With the start of school and return to full time work as well as keeping a single section of online, I've been considering how I'm going to keep up with my 2011 fitness goal. After all one of the reasons that I put back on a good 15 lbs the year Ben was a baby was a return to full time work and totally neglecting exercise outside of walking the dog.

So far my plan is to keep our gym membership for cold weather as well as weekend working out, plus use of the indoor pool with the kids. I'm also putting the elliptical we bought 3 years in the master bedroom dormer window with plans to use it as much as possible during the week. As much as I want to quantify a goal of time, if I can make exercise on the priority list even 3-4 days a week and something over the weekend then I will be pleased.

With returning to a 5 am wake up time I have GOT to make this a priority, as much as I want to move ahead with my planned surgery in December I also know that personally won't commit until I have lost the reminder of the weight.

Also, with a 3 mile trail running through the new neighborhood as well as access to the Cary Greenway and the America Tobacco Trail, I really have NO excuse not to be taking advantage of an outdoor opportunity. Come on, who wouldn't want to run with this steps from your front door?

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