Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last Time I Reference Hobos

So after publicly declaring that I have the oral hygiene of a hobo yesterday I am indeed the owner of a mouthful of new fillings. Since it took 7 shots to numb me up I opted to fix another small one on the same tooth. I could not feel my face given that all sides top and bottom were numb until afternoon.

The boys were FABULOUS yesterday. Ben asked me if I wanted to lay down with him so we curled up in his tiny bed where I was out cold and woke up covered in stuffed animals. He was all too fascinated and kept wanting to rehash why only Baby Ian had gone to the dentist.

Ian was a sweetheart and minus having to change a poopy diaper while totally drugged up he was a happy, content baby. It probably helped that I think everyone in the office carried him around during the 3 hour visit.

My dentist is quite chatty so I brought my own music to zone out. Instead I think he talked louder and his assistant turned up her morning TV viewing of Dr. Phil, The Doctors, and then the Price is Right. After crashing super early thanks I feel much better today.

So I am a total coward when it comes to dentists. It's like I can deal with pain most anywhere else on my body but not anywhere related to my face. Given that I never had a single cavity until after I had Ben and found out I had nine, I think I get a pass.

Actually being post gastric bypass it is more likely related to vitamin deficiencies which I thought I was treating with a hella lot of supplements I take each day and extra bloodwork throughout the pg to check levels.

Can not wanting to go to the dentist be a valid excuse for being done having kids?


Beth said...

Glad you survived! And that's just freaky that pregnancy gives you cavities. I can't believe you never had one before getting pregnant with Ben. That sucks. So yes--that is an excellent reason to be done having kids! LOL

LauraC said...