Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tattoo Removal

Reason #912 I should have turned around on the drive home from the pool when it was too quiet. It took a good 30 mins to remove all those stickers aka "tattoos" as Ben so proudly told me as he begged me not to rip them trying to remove them.

Ben demanded band-aids to cover all the places the tattoos had covered as a small amount of leg hair was removed in the process. Uh.. no you get 4 bandages, pick your favorite places you LA INK lovin' preschooler.

Speaking of pain, I'm on my way to have FIVE cavities filled post pregnancy. I had 9 after Ben. With those numbers you would think I have the oral hygiene of a hobo.

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Beth said...

How can you resist the glee in his face? Too funny. As for cavities, holy crap. That sucks. I guess I'm lucky that I got all my cavities in my youth. I don't have any teeth left that don't have fillings. Hope it goes okay!