Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Insanity Meter

As of around 2 am I am DONE, DONE, DONE with grades and contacting schools for my summer class. For the next couple of weeks I am free to get done with the neglected summer to do list.

Item 1- Clean out my classroom and haul 10 years of teaching home.

I am driving solo with the boys to meet the inlaws in Hilton Head in a couple of weeks. Seriously looking forward to a week of an extra set of hands as well as the only real vacation we are taking this summer. We do have a big family trip in the works for October.

This past weekend was filled with highs and lows mainly on the parenting front. I'll give it 1-10 on the insanity meter.

Friday afternoonn- Met up with a friend contemplating IVF while the boys played in the pool and Ian napped. Insanity factor- 2 (the boys did great and Ben had 5/5 great days at camp)

Friday night- Great family pizza night, Bill and I got caught up on True Blood Season 2 after the boys were in bed.

Sat- ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE before 7 am. Ben is in time out before 7:30am, the first of many 4 year old showdowns. The whole day is like one extended fight with him. We swap kid duty half way through the day. Ben is a holy terror until he goes to bed. We bypass watching tv in place to talk about what is triggering behavior outbursts. Also, after 2 years my Obama car magnet was taken off my car while we were out to dinner. SUCKS! Insanity factor- 10

Sunday- I took the boys to the child activity center to head to the am spin class I've been going to the last month. It's typically a great workout but I should have known something was not right when the substitute instructor put on the best of Superbowl highlights instead of the usual visual of rolling hills. Add to it, his playlist was no less than 60 mins of speed metal. Really dude, this was NOT what I needed today. I thought about bailing half way through the class. I stuck it out and hit the pool with Ben afterwards where we managed to loose half of the pool toys we packed. Much crying and mom checking the drains. Insanity factor- 5

When we got home both Ben and Ian took a glorious hour long nap at the same time giving Bill and I both time to get some time to get something done for work. I almost cried that I had to wake either of them up to head to a big 1st birthday party for our friends' daughter. Ben so rarely ever actually sleeps anymore and not sleeping usually means the late afternoon until bed is crazy town at the house.

The party was really cute in a 1st birthday's are really for the parents way. I had gotten a super cute ladybug hat for winter made for Gretchen on etsy. Ben was well behaved until we got home and he was wired on sugar, the heat, and way to many times playing Peanut Butter and Jelly Time on the hour drive home. Insanity Factor - 7

Luckily yesterday was good from start to finish minus once throwing a screwdriver from helping replace batteries in his jambox for afternoon dance party. Thankfully his playlist is restricted to the car.

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LauraC said...

On Nate's crazy days, one of us stays home and we are on him like a hawk. He loses 1 2 3 privilege and goes straight to 1 privilege.

Side note: N bit A at school yesterday!!!!!! He went straight to time out for the whole night. Alex and Jon went to the pool. I made chicken meatballs and cleaned up the house and enjoyed the QUIET.