Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Pocket

Last weekend Bill and I had 24 glorious hours sans kids. Back in April in our newborn haze Bill found out through Twitter that one of our fav comedians were going to be within driving distance.

If their is one thing I want to be remembered for its loving to laugh and making others laugh. I spent much time in detention for either being late to class or being part of a disruptive pair with my friend Nathan P. We singled handed were responsible for our 9th grade Science teacher retiring early. Yes, she actually told me this when I saw her after I graduated.

Bill and I our entire 16 year relationship have seen more comedians than music concerts. In fact we have planned whole Vegas trips based on who was going to be headlining.

We had a fab time. I booked a suite at the Marriott, sat by the pool and read for a full hour minus MY own screaming kids (other than the family reunion that took up the entire 2nd floor, pool, lobby all in matching tshirts.)

We had a great dinner at the Chesapeake House (actually sat at the same exact waterfront table as we did on our June Beach vacation), enjoyed the show, and leisurely walked around an outdoor shopping area afterwards and shared ice cream at Maggie Moos. The presentation was in the Alabama theater complete with this ginormous painting circa 1987 of the band. I don't know what is worse the vomit sweater, sunglasses, or the use of a directors chair in a painting.

We did find the MOTHERLOAD of redneck/Dixie Flag shirt shops. I had to hold Bill back from buying a General Lee shirt from Ben not to spend my $$$ supporting the ROOM of confederate flag shirts. I now know where the state of SC shops. Minus the speeding ticket we got coming back it was a great break, although I missed bedtime stories with Ben and rocking Ian to sleep.

Several folks mentioned they had never heard of Comedian Jim Gaffagin. So to check out his most famous bits about the nastiness of Hotpockets... Enjoy!

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