Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Weekend Phone Photo Friday-SERENITY NOW!

Do you need to ask how this went down? *Hint* it involved my Dyson "animal" vaccum. Aptly named.

Note that the 10 cans of playdough and subsequent mess are behind me, ground into the carpet. The same new carpet that I put two cats down to get in hopes of selling this house.

The chair and leggo table are now out of the room. If he wants to get to his shelves he will have to scale them. May I point out this would be good practice for prison.


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you joke about...we removed tables and chairs from our living room to deter Nina from climbing, and then walked into the room to see our 20 month old *baby* on the third shelf of our living room book case.

It WAS good exercise, though. She reminded me this weekend, as I pulled her off of the metal rack in our kitchen, that she's going to be a rock climber when she grows up. Or Spider Man - she hasn't quite made up her mind.

Beth said...

I like to think of those indelible messes as lasting memories. You know--the pen marks on the couch, the scribbles all over my desk, the chocolate milk stains on my sheets, and yes, the playdough in the carpet. In a few years (give or take 10) we'll look back on those marks and think longingly of these early days. (But only because parenting kills brain cells, I'm convinced.) :-)