Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer of Funny.... and NOT so Funny Movies

Bill and I while very, very different by most accords share a love of 13 year old boy humor. We rented PCU after going to a sorority pledge bash party on our first date some 15 years ago. With that said over the summer we saw some really funny movies and some that I demand my money back. First the funny...

The Hangover
- Who hasn't seen this by now? I am so ready for it to hit the Cheap theater so we can go again. We have a love for Vegas movies anyway, but this was over the top as far as one liners and ridiculous situations. I wish I could name my fav part but there were just too many. I literally almost wet myself I was laughing so hard. And the ending... oh the ending credits.

The Goods
- Check out Bill's review and link to what was one of the funniest part of the movie. While no Hangover, the Daily Show past and present cast was well worth 14 bucks. Best role was Rob Riggle as a 10 year old with a pituitary gland problem.

Ok.. now the rest. We watched Adventureland tonight and wow what a disappointment. We wanted to see this when it came out in April and should have known to beware when it quickly disappeared. While it did have a kick ass soundtrack (Violent Femmes, Falco, Banarama) and set in a 1980s theme part there were a few really good lines and scenes, and the bedazzled fashions a poppin' were awesome. This movie could have been so much better with more scenes with Bill Hader as the tight ass dorky park manager and if Rainn Wilson had made a cameo as a Tilt-o-Whirl operator on a vengence.

My summer mission is to warn all friends to avoid Funny People at all costs! I literally turned to Bill about 15 mins into this movie and said, "I am switching theaters to go see the Hangover again". This movie should've called, "the most unfunny movie made with funny people... EVER". What a disappointment. Like not since I had the unfortunate pleasure to see Vanilla Sky did a movie suck so bad. DO NOT LET ANYONE talk you into this movie. Judge Apatow your next movie better be over the top funny to make up for this unfunny piece of crap that totally fell flat. Cancer is not funny, ever. Not even you could make it funny.

Up next in our journey through all movies designed for pre-pubscent boys, Mike Judge's Extract. We loved Office space after see it in a loney B'ham theater on opening weekend. So, so misunderstood we were/are in our movie tastes. After hearing Terri Gross's interview with Jason Bateman last week I don't think it's going to disappoint.

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